Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders
Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders


Look to MSA for Both Planned and Unforeseen Leadership Solutions

When a CEO or other senior leader resigns, retires, becomes incapacitated, or is terminated, boards need to decide how to proceed—sometimes quickly. MSA offers the expertise and experience to assist boards and CEOs in ensuring continuity and performance of their leading executives.

Our leadership transition and continuity planning consultants have worked through successful changes in hospital and health system chief executives across the country. And our clients have ranged from some of the largest and most prestigious academic medical centers in the nation to scores of smaller, community-based hospitals.

Utilizing our expertise and experience, we help our clients develop and implement a continuity and transition plan proactively—one that will help minimize confusion and potential disruption of the organization's services, support their standing within the community, and sustain the economic vitality of the hospital.

What sets MSA apart from other approaches?

  • Our unique experience with the governance requirements of not-for-profit organizations and healthcare; in fact, as an INTEGRATED company, many of our principals have extensive healthcare operations experience.
  • The ability to provide a broad range of services, including skills assessment, total compensation analysis, contract evaluation, governance consultation, public relations planning, and search firm evaluation.
  • Our willingness to provide flexible services and pricing, all tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.
  • A commitment to provide seamless service from transition planning through the actual search and placement of your next CEO.

In the end, having an experienced and impartial advisor like MSA to help guide the planning process means pitfalls can be avoided and future transitions can proceed smoothly on the chosen timeline.

We can help you design a process to:

  • Review organization's leadership talent
  • Evaluate executives' readiness to move into top positions
  • Design personalized leadership development plans and developing contingency plans for external recruiting
  • Develop a response strategy for potential loss of senior leadership
  • Identify leadership criteria desired in future candidates

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