Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders
Leading Healthcare with Healthcare Leaders


Greater Diversity Means Better Results

We recognize and support the industry's commitment to improving diversity within healthcare leadership. We are committed to working with a specific focus on developing a slate of highly qualified applicants that include diverse candidates.

To further this commitment we maintain an active membership in the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, maintain strong ties with multi-cultural leadership organizations within and external to healthcare, conduct training for all staff in the development of diverse candidates as well as have a Certified Diversity Recruiter on our staff, all assisting us in ensuring that we are reaching out fully to identify and promote diverse candidates.

AIRS is a global leader in recruitment training. AIRS training classes introduce the latest recruitment and sourcing strategies and innovative approaches to find passive candidates in today's competitive market.


Certified Internet Recruiter


Certified Diversity Recruiter


Professional Recruiter Certification

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