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Conducting a Successful Video Interview: the Do’s and Don’ts

By Kim KueserSenior Consultant, Gallagher MSA Search

The use of video interviewing is on the rise. With shrinking HR budgets and increasing pressure to fill positions more quickly, video technology is becoming a common business practice for small and large organizations across industries. More than 70% of organizations currently use live video interviewing and that number is growing.

Are you in a position to put your best foot forward? Here are some do’s and don’ts in conducting a successful video interview: 

Do a trial run with a friend to ensure that your equipment is working and that the bandwidth in your home or office is adequate.

  • Is the audio clear?
  • Is the video clear? Are there glitches?
  • Is the lighting and angle of the camera appropriate?

Do your homework.

  • Prepare no differently than you would for a personal interview
  • Research the company and the position
  • Keep your resume handy so that you can recall specific dates

Check the aesthetics.

  • Clear your desk of clutter and ensure the background is tidy
      • A view of your messy bedroom never makes a good impression!

Ensure you will have a quiet environment.

  • Send the kids and the dogs away
  • Turn the ringer and your answering machine off
      • Overhearing a message from a bill collector does NOT make a good impression!

Create a positive impression.

  • Look at the camera...not the screen
      • This will feel awkward and take practice to perfect
      • Use the Picture‐in‐Picture feature to make sure the camera angle is on point and the video is clear

Dress professionally.

  • If you elect to wear pajama pants with your suit jacket, make sure you do NOT stand up!
  • If utilizing a service such as Skype, create a professional username.
      • Fluffy24 will NOT make a good impression!

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